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What's New in the Ships Log?

Since 1972, Admiral Merchants has specialized in truckload special commodities. Now, Admiral Merchants provides superior transportation services throught the US & Canada.

Mark always makes sure to attend the various Admiral events throughout the year. Whether that is being an Award Winner and making it to the ceremony or stopping by the Annual Admiral BBQ in London, OH, it is always a treat to see Mark and have a good conversation.     We want to thank Mark for all the hard work he has done here and his contributions to the Admiral Family.   Please join me in congratulating Mark. Thank you!!

In 2022, 5 more amazing drivers have been added to this prestigious list.     We now have a total of 55 drivers who have reached 1 million consecutive and preventable accident-free miles, &npsb;and 2 drivers who have reached 2 million consecutive and preventable accident-free miles,  while leased to Admiral.

Thank you to the outgoing Agents and Contractors. We appreciate your support and participation during your time on the Council!   Those individuals are, Agents: John Coffield and Dustin & Donna Seay; Contractors: Sterling Hall and Darrin Longoria.
(Pictured; L to R: Fred Haase, Tammy Haase, Brian Short, Darrin Longoria, Ron Kent and Sterling Hall).   

Graceland is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in the Whitehaven, Memphis neighborhood, about nine miles (14 kilometres) south of central Memphis and fewer than four miles (6.4 km) north of the Mississippi border.
It was opened to the public as a house museum on June 7, 1982, and attracts more than 650,000 visitors annually.
Look for details in January when the award winner list has been finalized and invitations are sent.

As rates have slightly declined this year over last, we are still ahead in the rate game compared to two years ago.
One very important part of your business as an owner/operator is knowing what it costs per mile to run. Knowing all expenses is key to operating any business.
We have partnered with a great resource, called ATBS. If you have any questions about your taxes, accounting, or bookkeeping feel free to reach out to the number below.